Where it all began…

My parents suggested that I take consumer studies at the age of 16 years old to learn how to cook and bake, I have not had an interest in cooking and baking since starting with consumer studies.

I made so many mistakes, at one point I did not want to cook or bake, but because of Mrs Miemie Botha that gave me the opportunity to grow and that helped me until Grade 12, I began loving all of it.

There is a memory from consumer studies that I hold dear to my heart, where me and my friend made microwave fudge and the rest made fudge on the stove and all the other students fudge flop so we had to help them to also get it right and show them what to do, since then on my passion just grow to so much more.

It’s now 11 years later, I invent my own recipes and try lots of different new things and everyone just love my food posts on Instagram, I am married to a wonderful husband who also loves cooking!

This is my journey and I only came across this wonderful platform to begin blogging! To everyone who reads my blog post, I hope I inspire you and take you on the most exciting journey of your life!

I will blog about my cooking and baking, and the journey of my life.