As we open our eyes for the last day of 2018

The 31st of December is finally here!

Wow what a journey! Me and my husband started fresh in a new country.

Before we fly out to New-Zealand, we went on a short and sweet holiday to Ballito one of my favourite places in South-Africa!

We had lots of sushi and early morning swims! We swim in the swimming pool too and just relaxed.

We went to visit my grandmother and cousin and my mom and mother in-law took us to the airport.

It’s the most craziest, scariest journey we ever went on and what an adventure!

We landed on New-Zealand soil in February, we stayed at wonderful people in AirBnB and one couple we really got to know well who we got to become very good friends with!

We were still searching for a place to stay and was glad when we found a place.

Right after my husband started to work we also met some people who are incredible people and good friends of us.

Few weeks later we found out we were expecting, the news brought me to tears, and fear and excitement as we are new in a country, need to adapt and now expecting, with no extended family just me and my husband.

The medical here is awesome, my midwife was awesome and before our baby was born we moved again. I think two weeks before our baby was born I met an incredible women, you can say that we have a lot in common! She has a heart of gold!

When our baby was born she popped in at least three times a week and in that time I got to know her very well. She is a great mom and wife and are our neighbors too!

They have watched our baby for us on few occasions too! We appreciate them so much.

Our journey have just begun, we have lots to explore still, and a lot to look forward too!

We are grateful and as I open my eyes to look back on a year full of growth and prosperity, I can only say that we are blessed. We are blessed in wealth with family who love us, that we talk to every day and incredible friends around us.

This year was the most scariest, blessed and all in one!

Happy new year to everyone and may each day be filled with lots of blessings and prosperity for 2019!