This Platform gave me a voice

Wherever life’s lead you take it and go with it. When I discovered this platform, it opened my eyes to blog about anything and of coarse my cooking and baking.

I have search for a platform where I could do that and here it is!

I am so grateful, my teacher from High School suggested that I start blogging and I have looked far and wide and this is the perfect fit.

I have been writing since the age of 14 and have been cooking and baking since the age of 16. So blogging comes so naturally to me. The more I write the better I become.

Thank you for each and everyone who supports me on this platform!

If you see the beauty in every day there will never be a dull moment.

As the first day of 2019, you must enjoy life like my father has always said and live each day fully!

May you all have a blessed 2019 and may only the best things be in store for you this year!