Homemade Ice Tea

When me and my husband started dating way back, his mother taught me alot of things, one of them how to make homemade ice tea or ice fruit tea.

No artificial colours or flavours! Pure tea with added sugar and the juice of your choice!

It’s so simple and easy to make! I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it with you all πŸ™‚

Take a big 1.5L Jug and boil some water in the kettle. Add 1L hot boiling water to the jug. 

Add to the boiling water 10 Rooibos Tea Bags.

Let the tea bags drain until the water is dark from the tea bags.

Remove the tea bags ans add two Big Spoonsfuls of Sugar and Mix well.

Set aside the tea to cooldown.

After the tea have cooled down place 500ml of the rooibos tea in a 1L jug.

Add 500ml of any juice of your choice to the rooibos tea. (I used tropical juice)

Do this with both 500ml rooibos tea mixtures until the juice is combined and you have 2L of Ice Tea Mixture.

Add 1tsp lemon juice and mix well.

Place in a 2L Plastic Bottle and place in the fridge!

If the ice tea is cold serve with some ice and enjoy!

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