Old Life Hacks from our grannies

These life hacks are truly remarkable, they have been known for centuries and passed on from generation to generation.

When you have flu, this home remedy works like a bomb! It’s called the hot toddy!

You just add half a cup boiling water, 1tsp lemon juice, 1 Tbs Honey, pinch of ginger and 10ml Brandy, whiskey or rum. Just drink it for two weeks three times a day ans you will feel much better.

Then we get to the cleaning of the house, all the marks and grimes on the walls and floors can get easily removed by using sugar soap. It even works when cleaning the bath! My grandma told me about it one day when we were in the shop and it works like a bomb!

Full cream milk when used in cooking can work as a substitute for cream, you just add it to you food when making sauces and it will thicken up, just add a little bit of maizena too, it’s delicious and we never have cream in our house only when we make tarts and stuff.

Another piece of advice is to the most delicious food is usually the most simplest. Yes the most simplest food is also sometimes difficult to master but when you get the hang of it it’s not that difficult. 🙂

What I have learned by my grandmother is that time is precious and we are all borrowed to each other, nothing is certain in life and nothing in life is guaranteed.

Another life hack is listen to someone without wanting to reply, listen even when you can’t do something to their situation or help them in any way, just listen and be there for the person.

Spend time with family and the people you care about before it’s too late.

Signing off now.



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