The Power of Prayer

Where prayers are there is miracles. When we ask for something and we don’t receive it right away, we must remember that it is not our timing but God’s timing.

I have seen with my own life how prayers get answered and have experienced it in my own life!

You must have faith like a mustard seed, even when things look like they are falling apart or are falling apart, you must just have faith and pray and believe and stay positive and never give up hope.

God do answer our prayers yes, but in His time. I had a miscarriage and was devastated, exactly a year later God blessed me with the most precious bundle of joy! He knew I needed my baby daugheter before I even did.

God works in so much detail, and when you have a relationship with Him, it grows in deepness, God says we must be the Church we must go out and be the light in the darkness, we must be the hope for others where there is none.

One smile, one hug, one conversation can change everything. If you pray and it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere, remember God listens, he may not answer immediately but He listens and He is There.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world. šŸ™‚




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