Lush Cosmetics

I have heard about Lush when I searched on Instagram just as a randomly search, no intend to look for anything specific.

A year ago me and my husband landed in NZ. I told him about it and started searching for a nearby shop. I discovered one in Auckland city central.

I had to grab my hands on one of them, but when I went into the shop I didn’t know where to look, I have read all the feedback from customers and the staff in the shop is so friendly!

Fast Forward to a year later and with our recent trip to Hamilton my husband bought me some! They are devine and I really recommend them! The goddess bath bomb is so relaxing! They are a little on the expensive side but they are worth every penny!

I can remember in my childhood days that bath bombs was just a bath bomb and smell nice and make you relaxed.

They have really amped up the bath bombs I was used to as a child!

If you get a chance get yourself some of them and let all your senses relax!

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