Pukekohe Overload

This past weekend me and my husband and our daughter, attended the Pukekohe Show! Wow what an experience!

We had so much fun! We saw everything you can see on a farm, from cows to alpacas to the biggest pumpkin weighing a whopping 74kg!

There was so much sweets and delights and the people is so friendly and helpful.

We woke up the Sunday morning, went and did some groceries and went to the show.

The shops was so quiet, it is a real country town and feel to it, that we just love. On a Sunday morning there is not much going on when it’s a Sunday.

The shops were not full or busy, but when we got to the show it’s like everyone was at the show. The town coming together and enjoying the culture.

Central town is like two blocks away, you can walk from the one point to the next. The population of Pukekohe is only 31,400. There is a fire siren which goes of at least two to three times a day and your clothes dry in a few hours when it is hanged on the clothing line.

We love this little town with all it’s treasures and down to earth people.

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