Chicken Dumplings

First time making these and they are delicious! You can make any filling you like, these are the ones I used. My own recipe 🙂

In the food processor add two cups of flour and a pinch of salt.

While mixing add 150ml of Lukewarm water, until the dough loses around the edges of the food processor.

After the dough is mixed, set aside in a bowl with cling wrap over.

Clean the food processor then add one yellow and one green capsicum chopped up. After it is grinded set aside in a bowl.

Add one chopped onion and also make it fine. After it is grinded place it in the same bowl as the capsicums.

Add one peeled and chopped carrot also to the food processor. After it is grinded up place it with the capsicums and onions in the bowl.

Take one boneless chicken breats and cut it up into blocks and also place it into the food processor and grind it till its like chicken mince.

Place the chicken with the capsicums, onion and carrot in a bowl.

Add coarse salt and pepper. Add some cayenne pepper, some chilli and garlic spice and some herb spices.

Mix well and set aside.

Roll out the dumpling dough until very thin.

Press out circles using a mug and place some chicken mixture into the circles.

Take some egg white and spread on the edges of the dumplings before closing them.

Place on a tray lined with baking paper.

Do this with all the dumplings until you have 30 dumplings.

In a pot on the stove place some water half full and wat till its beginning to boil.

Place some dumplings(up to 5) in the pot and turn down the heat till simmering for about 6-8 minutes.

After the dumplings have risen it means they are ready.

Drain them and do the next batch and strain them.

Serve as a sider, at barbecues or a quick snack!

Can be served with some soya sauce or any sauce you prefer!


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