Life Itself

Life is so fragile, we don’t realise it.

Life can be ripped from you in an instant, and we tend to take it for granted.

I am so sad of what happens in Christchurch, those people did not deserve any of it.

They was just going about their everyday life, and their lives were taken from them, in an instant.

What my parents taught me was to look for the beauty in everyday, to make a list and be thankful for those things.

If we realise the meaning to life and what it is all about, we will learn to appreciate more, be kind to one another more, and realise how fragile life itself is.

Yes, life is not all sunshine and roses, but the least we can do is reach out and stand together.

In the hard times we realise who our true friends are, appreciate the ones that care, forget the ones that don’t and be there when for the ones that know your worth.

Pray in good and hard times.

Live fully and laugh often.

Don’t let anytime go to waste and

spend time with family and friends

and the people dearest to you.

Take hands and be the light in someone’s darkness.

The world can’t change in an instant but with one helping hand it can change by taking the first step.

Bohemian Rhapsody was epic! I grew up with Queen, well my mom that played it for us and me and my sister just love their music!

We can all take a life lesson from Freddie Mercury. He knew well he was born to be a star. He didn’t let anything hold him back, in fact he did fell, but his dream to be the best and make an impact in the world made it all possible!

We must never lose our willingness to dream BIG!!! Cause our dreams are there for a reason!















Life itself

enjoy it

enjoy life

live fully









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