Every step in your journey will lead you to your destiny & where you are meant to be

Photo: From the Movie of Clara

Like the stars in the universe our future is already planned out. Every choice you make will eventually lead you where you need to be. You will go through hardships, trials and the joys of life, and will eventually discover your life’s purpose.

If you realise that what you do to others will come back like a chain reaction. We are all connected in a chain, one disruption and the whole chain is broken.

What we do echoes in eternity. The people that did you harm or bullied you, life will hand them what they deserve at the end of the day.

We should treat others like we want to be treated, we should shine on even in darkness and be the light.

Life is not made of only sunshine, butterflies and unicorns. Life is what we make it. Every small step, choice you make will lead up to where you are destined to go and must be.

Life is still unpredictable and yes life happens while you making plans, life changes and time goes by way too quickly.

Make the most out of time, live fully & have no regrets. The people that care for you truly will stay, no matter what you do in life there will always be critics.

When I was starting this blog I was so hesitant cause it’s like a dream come true but also to getting known and sharing my knowledge and love for cooking and baking.

I love baking! Can’t go for baking without long periods of time and sorry for not posting regularly I have a busy 6 month old baby girl that I am looking after. Hehe

I received a compliment today that someone close to me have so much respect for me for doing everything on my own in a foreign country with my husbands full support.

I don’t have mom life figured out and no I don’t know everything but we are taking it one day at time and we are doing the best that we can.

Have faith! Never stop believing and always go after your dreams! Bless the bullies & internet trolls and just continue what you are doing cause you are doing great!!

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