Vetkoek with Curry Mince

Vetkoek Dough:

6 Cups of flour

60ml Instant Active Dry Yeast

pinch of salt

40ml white sugar

1/2 Cup – 1 Cup Lukewarm Water

In a mixing bowl add all the dry ingredients and mix well with a wooden spoon.

Put the oven on 70Degrees Celsius.

While mixing add the lukewarm water till dough is well mixed, and the sides come loose around the edges.

Fold the dough in and place in the mixing bowl in the oven to rise for 60 minutes.

After it has risen, remove from the oven and take some oil and put it on your hands.

Fold and shape the vetkoek until you get a square size oval shape and it must not be to thin.

Place on Baking trays until the dough is finished.

Makes about 12 vetkoeke.

Place in the oven again to rise for 45 minutes until the top is sealed.

In a deep pan add vegetable oil until the pan is half full.

Place two vetkoeke in the oil, you will see it will pop up in the oil some more! If that happens you know your vetkoeke are right!

Let it brown on both sides till golden.

Remove from the oil and place on baking paper so that the oil can drain off.

For the Curry Mince:

Take three cocktail onions and fry in some

oil, salt, pepper and herbs.

Add some curry powder about two tablespoons mild curry powder.

Add the mince and fry till the mince is brown on all sides.

Add some woester sauce and mix well.

Add some more curry powder and mix well.

Add one can of sliced tomatoes and add three mushrooms chopped.

Let it simmer for up to 30 minutes, after simmering set aside.

Serve with the vetkoek and add some cheese!

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