Chicken Stew with Dark Soy Sauce

It is really getting cold now, with windy, rainy days and we can feel that the seasons are changing.

I made this heart warming stew for me and my husband yesterday evening and all the flavours worked so well together!

It’s a yummy recipe for the cold winter nights, and the superior dark soy sauce gives it a nice flavour!

Take two onions and a green capsicum and fry in the pot of the pressure cooker on the stove in some oil with some salt and herbs. Fry until golden.

Add four pieces of drumstick chicken pieces in the pot. Fry until the chicken is sealed.

Add one tablespoon of curry powder and also 40ml of dark soy sauce. Let it cook until the chicken is the colour of the soy sauce.

Add in 60ml of red wine as well.

Also add in two tablespoons of sugar.

Let it simmer for 15-20min. while you peel and cut up four carrots and three potatoes.

Remove from the heat and place the pressure cooker pot into the pressure cooker. Sprinkle some salt over the chicken.

Add the carrots and potatoes and one mushroom that has been cut up.

Add water to the pressure cooker up until the 6 cup water mark.

Close the pressure cooker and put on the pressure for 36min, after the chicken have been cooked in the pressure cooker release the pressure and serve with some rice.


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