If you find a handful of friends who is there for you in the hard and good times, count your blessings twice!

If they are there in every season of your life be thankful for them. In today’s unrealistic standards and expectations it’s extra hard to find true friends.

Yes the world have become so focused on what’s outside is more important than what is going on in your heart. Looks doesn’t count as much as what really is going on in our heart.

We are so bothered about what others think of us that we use Facebook to get validation where we only have to look to God for validation and worthiness.

Our friends lifts us up and make us who we will become. Choose your friends wisely ans don’t let anyone get you under not even social media. I was ready to just quit social media all together cause it just got too much for me. But no I didn’t I will just post now and again and that’s about it.

What I am trying to say is, reach out to others and be the positive energy and influence and just listen when people need someone to talk to and you will see everyone will reach out to you!

Today I am counting my friends twice cause I am so grateful for all of them even if we don’t talk everyday and some are around the world but distance doesn’t matter! I know they are always there!

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