Rump Steak Skewers

Me and my husband love making skewers! We used a smoke bbq marinate to just coat the rump steak blocks.

And fry them on the gas bbq.

It’s quite simple, simply cut up between 500-800g rump steak into chunky blocks.

Cut up one yellow capsicum and one onion as well as a few mushrooms.

Take some wooden sticks or steel ones and start by putting the capsicum piece on then the rump steak block then the onion then mushroom then the rump steak block again and continue till it is finished and all skewers are finished.

You can do it in the order you like and add anything you like that will also make them delicious.

Coat the skewers with smoked bbq marinate and fry over the gas bbq till ready!

Serve with sides that you like!

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