Chicken Fried Rice (Mealtime)

Funny story, what does a mom do that’s out of ideas of what to cook when all the other stuff is outdated?! You go on the app store and press in meal planner, what comes up the first app is mealtime! Lifesaver!

I can’t compliment this app enough! I am learning new things and tweaking them as I go along! I got new inspiration new ambition to do new things and by the time our moms come I will make them real nice dinners! Not that me and my husband don’t cook delicious yes we do but to make everything the same week gets outdated and old and uninsprational!

Do yourself a favour and go download the app or any meal planner app and go see what a difference it makes!

You learn to shop smarter and only buy what you need!

Here is my chicken fried rice:

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