Beef Curry with Coconut Rice


2 Beef porterhouse steaks thinly sliced and fat removed

3 Carrots peeled and cut into pieces

1 Big potato peeled and cut into small blocks.

1/2 Cup Frozen Beans

1/2 Cup Frozen Corn

2 and a 1/2 Tablespoons Curry Powder of your choice

1 Teaspoon Bisto of your choice mixed in half a cup of hot water and set aside .

1 Cup Stock of your choice

180ml Coconut Cream

1 Cup Rice cooked and set aside

Salt and pepper to taste

Herbs and spices to taste

5 ml Soya sauce for frying the beef fillet slices with the onion.

10ml Sunflower oil for the frying of the onion and beef fillet slices.


In a cast iron pot add the oil and onions, salt and pepper and herbs and spices, fry the onion till golden brown.

Add the beef to the onion and add the soya sauce and let fry till just brown.

Now add the curry powder to the beef and add a little hot water at a time while mixing and it forms a paste.

Add the potatoes and carrots and one cup of stock.

Place the cast iron pot in the oven with the lid on, on 180Degrees Celsius for 45min.

After it has been cooked in the oven add the beans and corn and the bisto.

Now let simmer for 5min.

After simmered set aside to rest for at least 10min.

Now heat up the rice and add the coconut cream, mix well till all the rice is well covered.

Serve the beef curry with coconut rice and enjoy!

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