Vegetable Curry Stew with Rice

Vegetable Curry Stew with Rice


1 and a 1/2 Cups Rice cooked, drained and set aside

500g Stewing Beef cut into blocks and fat and bones removed

2 Onions Made finely in a processor

3 Tomatoes Made finely in a processor

3 Carrots Made finely in a processor

1 Cup White Wine

1 Cup Beef Stock

1 Cup Frozen Beans

1 Cup Frozen Peas

1 Cup Frozen Corn

4 Potatoes Peeled and chopped

1 Packet of Tomato Paste

3 Tablespoons Curry Powder

15ml Woester Sauce

2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

Coconut Oil for frying

Salt and Pepper to taste

Herbs to taste


On the stove put the stove on high and add the coconut oil to the pressure cooker vessel.

Add the Onion, tomatoes, carrots, salt and pepper, and herbs and curry powder and tomato paste.

Fry for at least 10min.

Add the stewing beef and fry till brown.

Add the brown sugar, beef stock, white wine, woester sauce.

Let it cook on middle heat for 10-15min.

Put the pressure cooker vessel inside the pressure cooker.

Add the potatoes, beans, peas and corn.

Put the lid on the pressure cooker and seal it.

Put the pressure cooker timer on 34min.

Release the pressure on the pressure cooker and serve with the rice.


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