1st Birthday Party Planning Tips

As a new mother with lots to learn and experience, planning our daughters 1st Birthday Party was exciting but also I didn’t know where to begin first.

1. Set a Budget

For starters set a budget out on what you want to spend on decorations, a cake or cupcakes or both the food and then snacks for the guest. I began with a budget of $200 thinking it was enough to cover everything, I soon realise that, that wasn’t enough. Some mothers spend $200 others spend $500 its up to you. I spend between $200-$500. A little over my initial budget but not overboard.

2. Set a Theme

Start with looking into what your little one likes and enjoys. What songs they like and what they enjoy doing most. The theme doesn’t have to be set in stone but it’s good to have a theme and work around it. It makes the party planning that much easier.

3. Find ideas on Pinterest

When you have a theme go on Pinterest and find some ideas according to your theme and you will soon have a clear idea of how you want your childs first birthday to look and how to make it special.

4. A smash cake is not the only option

Me and my husband are doing something different, we are not having a smash cake for our child as we don’t like wasting, we are gone give her a cupcake to eat and enjoy and have fun with! It means less waist and she will probably eat the whole cupcake instead.

5. Set the guest list

Your little one will probably get anxious with too many people. So only invite close family and friends. It doesn’t have to be a big do, just something small and intimate it makes it that much more special.

6. Choose a venue

We are having our little ones birthday party in our own home, as it is easier to prepare food for the guests and set the party up. But it’s your choice what you choose, there is no right or wrong.

7. Capture every moment

Let family and friends take photos of the special event and make it memorable for your family and friends and little one. Enjoy each moment, cause they grow up so fast.

8. Remember to relax

Once all the party is set up and everyone is enjoying themselves remember to enjoy yourself and relax as well.

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