Partner for Life

Let me tell you a funny story, me and my husband were together in High School and I always would hear the girls talking in our Grade how smart he is and that they like him. I secretly had a crush on him but we were more of acquaintances than friends.

We needed to grow apart after high school on our own pace and in our own lives. We needed to learn and grow apart before our paths would meet again four years later.

My dad was a great husband for my mother. He was kind at heart, hard working and loved and supported my mother through everything. I always looked up to my parents marriage and I always wanted a relationship like that and of coarse a husband and life partner!

We met up over coffee four years later after high school and my husband have been nothing but supportive and loving and caring. He has been a hands on dad since our daughter was born and have always stood by me in hard times and in good times.

We do everything together and have a great partnership. Today I just want to tell each women out there if you have a man like that, count him twice cause they are far and in between.

“A partner for life is send by God so that you don’t have to go through life alone, but be a team and bring the best out of each other.”

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