Hot Water Beach

Hot water beach is situated 136 kilometers from Pukekohe driving by car. And 173 kilometers from Auckland driving by car.

It is 51 kilometers from Coromandel Town. Driving to Coromandel Town the road is very curvy making sharp turns going up the mountain and driving the pass which states the limit of driving 100km/hour.

It’s impossible to drive 100km/hour, it feels more like never ending turns and you can only drive 40km/hour. The road is quiet but got busy on our way back.

Coromandel Town is like an old town but with very upcoming shops, there are houses situated all around the coast line and just two schools that we saw.

We arrived by mid morning and had some lunch at The Pepper Tree Restuarant and Bar. The food was exceptional and the service was great!

We drove down to Hot Water Beach and for the parking it is $4 per hour which is very affordable. There are restrooms and baby changing rooms.

The hot water beach is known for when you dig a hole in the sand and cover your feet the water underneath the sand is hot water. The hot water only comes in at low tides in the late afternoon around 16:30pm we were a little early but experienced this beautiful beach.

The Hot Water Beach is estimated to have around 700,000 visitors in New Zealand which makes it one of the most popular attractions in the Waikato Region.

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