Lemon Garlic Barbecue Snapper

My Husband recently made us the most delicious snapper over the barbecue. All he used was salted butter and he added teaspoons of garlic and lemon juice and mix it with the butter.

He then spread it over the fish and inside the fish, he then covered it with tin foil and placed it inside the gas barbecue in a pan.

He then covered the barbecue lid and let it cook for 30-45 minutes.

All you need is a whole snapper fish that have been descaled and guts and stuff removed by the fishery in the Supermarket.

We bought $30 of Snapper so that’s the amount and size you need. They cut the snapper to in halve with the head and tail still on.

There were only about a few servings left.

Delicious and Simple. You can serve it with anything you normally eat with fish.

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