Arriving in New Zealand

We arrived in New Zealand in February 2018. It happened to be Chinese New Year too. After a 28 hour flight, none to less sleep we were glad to be safely in New Zealand, touching ground and trying to figure out where we were from the airport to get to our AirBnB. There was no rental cars available, so we had to get to our AirBnB by using an Uber.

Our AirBnB was situated in St John’s. We were so hungry and thirsty and also jetlagged. Being born and raised in South-Africa, we were not used to see no burglar bars on windows or doors, no gates and no alarm systems. Green grass so neat and clean and roades too. Everything is so open and with the most beautiful houses as well.

We walked to the nearest supermarket, Countdown and got a few things. We then got something to eat at a local curry restaurant, we ate and went back to our AirBnB. We then took a quick bath and passed out on the bed it was around 7pm when we passed out from jetlag, exhaustion and pounding headaches from the flights.

We slept for 16 hours and woke up the next evening round about 6pm. It took us a few days to get over the jetlag somewhat. We decided that we gone use the public transport system as we always wanted to go on busses and trains. We went to central Auckland and got some stuff sorted out. At a local beer restaurant we had some beers and something for lunch as well.

We absolutely love Auckland Central from the moment we set foot in the inner city, we only had two weeks to get an apartment, a car and sort out the rest of our stuff. Two weeks flew by so quickly. My husband had to start work as well and I also had to look for work.

The Auckland traffic is crazy sometimes crossing the bridge from the North Shore to the South Side to go to Hamilton. Traffic can be at a standstill for upto two hours and if there are an accident, traffic can be backed up until 4 hours.

The first friends we made were Tim & Amy from our second AirBnB. They are the moet genuine, kindest people with the biggest hearts and made us feel so welcome and gave us some great advice as well.

We have been in New Zealand almost 2 years and build a life for ourselves from scratch. We are grateful and happy and we feel this is the perfect place to raise a family. New Zealand is very family orientated and we just love that.

Our hearts are warm and there is so much to look forward too in this beautiful country. While in between I share with you our food recipes and our journey here.

Before our 28 hour flight:

In the airplane, flying with Emirates:

Arriving in New Zealand at the local Bar and in Auckland Central:

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