Coffee Mate Fridge Tart

Growing up my mom always used to make this tart for us. It is called “Cremora Tart” in South Africa and here I found the ingredients similar to cremora which here it is known as coffee whitener or coffee creamer. The replacement for milk in coffee.

Combined with condensed milk and lemon juice, it’s delicious. I use this recipe and it always works. It’s simple and easy.


500ml Coffee Mate coffee creamer

250ml lemon juice.

250ml of boiling water.

795ml condensed milk.

1 pack of super wine biscuits crushed

50-60ml melted butter


Take the coffee creamer and mix with the boiling water in a jug. Set in the fridge overnight.

Take the crushed biscuits and mix with the melted butter. Place in a rectangular serving dish sprayed with canola oil spray.

Place in the fridge.

Beat the condensed milk and coffee creamer for 4 minutes.

Add the one cup of lemon juice and mix for one minute until the consistency becomes thicker.

Place in the rectangular dish in the fridge for an hour or two and serve with some tea or coffee.

Enough for 15 people

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