Cream Cheese Chocolate Brownie Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Using my knowledge and experience to make this cake was so much fun but also nerve racking, but so excited. It tastes just like brownie and the cream cheese gives it a different taste. I enjoyed baking this cake alot. It’s an easy recipe to follow. Hope you enjoy baking it too!

In a jug add 125ml of cocoa powder and 250ml boiled water and set aside to cool down.

Separate 5 eggs. Then cream together 500g cream cheese and 5 egg yolks.

Add 1 cup of sugar and 5ml vanilla essence.

Now add 2 cups of flour, 10ml baking powder, pinch of salt and mix well. Add the cocoa mixture and mix well.

Whip the egg whites till stiff peakes form and fold into the cake batter with a spatula.

Pour batter into medium sized cake tins after you have spread the cake tins with butter.

Let it bake on medium rack in the oven for 45 minutes on 180 degrees celsius till the cake tester comes out clean.

While the cakes are busy cooling down, in a glass bowl add 250g chocolate block of your choice, I used the Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Block.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave until smooth. Heat 250ml of cream till hot using the microwave and incorporate slowly adding a little cream at a time into the melted chocolate.

After your cakes have cooled down, pour some chocolate ganache over the first layer and then add the second layer and pour some over too.

Put in the fridge for 30 minutes till the ganache has set, remove from the fridge and heat for 40 seconds in the microwave till warm.

Serve with a dollop of cream.

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