Rich Chocolate Cupcakes

I baked this cupcakes today using a cake mix from a box. Edmonds which is widely known here. It’s actually just made to be used as a cake but I decided why not twist it up and make delicious cupcakes.

It came with some icing where I just had to follow the instructions to make the icing. I sprinkled some Astros on top (my favourite) living in SA. But you can use anything your heart desires. (You can add your own buttercream icing, I did)

My cupcakes came out perfect and my buttercream icing was just right and delicious. If your a mom and want to treat people you don’t always have the time to bake from scratch, so I just baked it and frost it and our friends loved it. And no you don’t have to feel bad cause it all comes from the heart and is baked with lots of love.

Here is some photos of my cupcakes and icing:

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