Buttermilk Rusks

Buttermilk Rusks are crunchy and will trigger your taste buds. It’s a delicious morning quick breakfasf before you leave for work. It’s one of my favourite things to snack on and it’s also good for babies when they are teething. It is loved by lots of South Africans as well as their friends and family around the world.

The source of this recipe is unknown but it is the only one I use.

What you will need:

2.5kg Self raising flour
10ml salt
625ml Sugar
750g Margarine
1.5L Buttermilk
3 eggs mixed


Sift flour and salt. Add sugar and rub the Margarine into the mixture till it’s like breadcrumbs.

In a bowl add the buttermilk and mix in the eggs and add to the dry ingredients.

Place halve the dough in a rectangular dish after you have sprayed it with cooking oil and place the other halve in another rectangular dish.

Bake at 20min. in a preheated oven at 160Grade Celsius.

Reduce heat to 150Grade Celsius and bake for about 30 minutes.

Cut up into rectangular or square blocks after it has baked.

Turn out on wire rack to cool slightly.

Dry overnight in the lukewarm oven or in a very cool oven at 50 degrees celsius. I dry the rusks out with the oven on 70/80 Degrees Celsius on baking trays overnight or over two nights.

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