South African Samoosas

Since arriving in New Zealand, me and my husband miss eating samoosas the most. You can just walk around and in every café and corner shop will have them.

My husband enjoyed the samoosas so much he said it beats the ones in South-Africa and the ones he tasted before. He said it was just perfect, delicious and crunchy. That is like the best compliment for any homecook.

Start by taking 5 big spring roll dough sheets and cutting them in half even smaller if you like.

In a bowl add in one can of sweetcorn, some coarse salt and pepper and a cup of grated cheese. Mix well and set aside.

Now take half the spring roll dough sheet and fold the side over just 0.5mm, then fold from the downside up in a triangular shape and fold again, use some egg white to seal the sides and help to make them stick together.

Fill it up with the sweetcorn and cheese filling and close the top. Fry in hot oil in your deep fryer on 170 degrees celsius till just golden brown. And the sides is golden brown as well.

Place on some paper towels so that the oil drips off, serve with some salad or anything you like.

Serve and enjoy! A real crowd pleaser!

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