A Story to Inspire You too

Dear Readers, followers and supporters this blog post I wanted to do for sooo long, but you know it just wasn’t the right time(yet).

I feel now that I can finally share with you where my love for cooking and baking started, how I got my voice and without me realising it how God guided me since day 1.

You see it all started at the age of 16, still in high school and I did not know much about cooking let alone baking. I helped my mom in the kitchen alot and loved the baking of my grandmother. I had the best out of the box consumer studies partner who became one of my lifelong friends. We love working together and when we used to make things together, everyone just wanted a piece.

My consumer studies teacher was the absolute best! She always had the world’s patience with me and I did well with each exam(mostly). To this day I remember having to make lemon meringue pie, and how I went into total shock cause it was so difficult to difficult to grasp the complexity of that recipe. I made it, it came out right and I was very happy.

Fast forward a few years on and I began researching lots of recipes of what to make to grow outside of the box. To stretch my thinking and expand my knowledge. I am not a fan of advertising pop up sites with hundreds of ads, I got so annoyed so I went on FB to start a page and connect to other cooking and baking pages. My page did good, I got some awesome feedback, but with everything happening in between I ended it.

In the cooking groups I constantly got beaten down and bullied so eventually I left the cooking groups too. I reached a really low point in my cooking and baking journey where I felt so down I just wanted to quit altogether. You think I would gave up after almost 7 years of cooking and baking. I just needed one person to believe in me and that person is my husband. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He gave me so much confidence, he cook and bake he does the dishes, give bottle, change diapers after a hard day’s work.

Our cooking and baking became like fire lit in our community in South Africa, all our friends will tell you that there are always tarts and goods in our kitchen or with any dinner party and barbecue. My husband have taught me so much and we teach each other so much stuff about food. We have a toddler who at this stage tries everything which is good.

Anyway a year ago I came across WordPress just randomly on my feed for no apparent reason after I read about moms and their blogs in a momgroup. I thought this can’t be a coincidence, so I started blogging with using wordpress and not having my own domain yet. I finally found my voice, realised that I want to put myself on the map. It took a few months and I decided to get a domain.

What I know about domains is not much, nor how to run them, but hey it’s worth a try. If you never try you will never know right?

My website was launched in February, 10 months ago, and I can’t believe where this journey have taken me, I am shocked, blessed and lost for words honestly. You see I realise God doesn’t show us the whole picture, He only show us piece by piece. In order for me to have confidence, to be who I am today I had to go through some hardships and still am so that I can be who I am and grow into the person I was meant to be. I don’t know the whole picture yet, but I am still going and it’s 12 years now. Everything happens in good time, in God’s timing.

Thank you to each and everyone who take a minute out of their day to read my posts. Every click, every subscriber and each ones support, far and wide. I appreciate you and if I can make it you can too.

My blog is growing each day, it takes time, it’s hard work, I love blogging, wish I could have done it sooner, but the time wasn’t right.

Giving up is not in my vocabulary, not ever. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and enjoying our journey and our recipes. It brings joy to my heart knowing that you enjoy my blog. And yes my website will remain pop up add free!

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