Easy Gammon

Me and my husband have made so many gammon’s and this one takes the cake! You can add any veggies and sides we eat gammon just like this with some honey.

December is the perfect month for gammon, it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas so if you are planning on making a roasts this is simple and delicious and very easy to make!

2.5kg Gammon
1 Onion cut in halve
1 Baby Cabbage chopped
5 Baby Marrows chopped
2 Carrots peeled and chopped
5 Medium sized potatoes peeled and cut into quarters
1 Cup Rice cooked and set aside
Any mix salad also finished and set aside
80ml Honey
Coarse salt and pepper
250ml Oil
500ml beef stock

1. Boil the gammon on high heat in water for an hour.
2. After cooking, rinse the water and allow it to cool slightly.
3. Now add all the sliced ​​and peeled vegetables in a bowl except the baby cabbage and onions.  Mix the vegetables with the onions and coarse salt and pepper.
4. Now cover an oven pan with half a cup of oil and place the gammon in it.
5. Now place the vegetables and baby cabbage and onion in the bowl, around the gammon.
6. Now pour the honey over the gammon and add some oil.
7. Now pour the beef stock over the vegetables and then the rest of the oil over the vegetables.
8. Now cover the gammon and vegetables with the tinfoil.
9. Allow the gammon and vegetables to roast at 180 degrees for three hours in the oven.
10. When it has finished roasting, allow to cool slightly and cut the gammon.
11. Serve with some honey poured over and your rice and salad.

Side note: Score your gammon before placing in the oven. Remove the fat from the gammon and grill on the highest setting and add some coarse salt on the fat piece it makes it more crispier and the crackling tastes amazing!

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