Blank Canvas

Welcome to 2020! Wow what a journey. Today is the start of your blank canvas. How will you paint yours and what type of brushes and colours will you use.

However you choose to paint your blank canvas, may it be your best one yet. 2019 flew by in an blink of an eye. Now we look towards 2020 and hope to make some more memories and cherish our families and the people closest to us.

To all my new readers and followers, welcome to my blog, may you enjoy this journey with me and enjoy the recipes I share.

When I make something new I never plan ahead, the idea just pops into my head and God guides me to create it. I believe food is like art and every ingredient got a special purpose.

Just like I see ingredients is how we should see each other, we all have a purpose in this world, we are here for a reason, and we are here to fulfill our purpose.

May you paint your canvas and God guide you in everything you do and how colourful you make it.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and that comes across my website.

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