Act of Random Kindness

A few months ago we got new neighbours who moved in in front of us, right after our child turned 1. Before they moved in, I baked some crunchies and chocolate rusks with my mother in-law.

I thought I would welcome them to our neighbourhood by taking some chocolate rusks and crunchies for them. I had a nice talk with our neighbour’s daughter, and they are also South African.

Being pregnant I have had cravings for some koeksisters, I didn’t went out to get some or bake, as it is getting harder to stand for long periods of time, and when one muscle goes out of place, I am little scared to pull another muscle or too.

Anyway today our neighbours came to greet us, and said they heard about the baked goods I gave to them. They are busy baking koeksisters today and thought of us to bring us some and to be neighbourly. I was dumb founded. My prayer got answered and the koeksisters are delicious.

After dinner I went to our neighbours and took them some christmas cookies that I baked and they thought I baked it now, and I was like no at Christmas. This is such a feel good story, I hope you enjoy reading.

We can all take something out of this, by being kind to those around us, in our neighbourhoods and reaching out to others, without expecting anything in return.

I believe food brings people together, it’s where you put something of yourself on a plate, representing yourself, and sharing to others, family, friends and strangers all alike.

Hope you feel touched by this blog post of mine, we make a difference wherever we go, we may not see it immediately, but the seeds that have been planted grow slowly and in time.

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