Creamy Beef Stronganoff

After a barbecue on a Saturday morning, there is always some left over steak and other meats. When you don’t know what to make for dinner, this recipe will have everyone talking. It’s creamy, peppery and not over rich.

Me and my husband have learned that the simple ingredients and keeping it simple, is what makes a winner dish. As we have learned on Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules.

Start by chopping up some mushrooms about 10 and fry them in 30g butter. Add some salt and pepper and fine pepper. When the mushrooms are soft add one big onion chopped.

Fry till golden and soft. Now add in about 300g of steak left from your previous nights barbercue. We used scotch fillet. That was done medium. You can use any kind of steak.

Let fry for a while, then add some more salt and pepper, for seasoning.

Add in about 250ml – 500ml of full cream milk and two to three Tablespoons of flour, till everything is covered. Put the stove on high heat and wait for it to thicken, mix with a whisk so that there are no clumbs and turn down the heat, once the consistency has thicken.

Add in some more ground pepper and salt. Serve with some rice already cooked and set aside.

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