My Mom’s Chicken Curry

You know when there is cold and rainy weather, your in the mood to make something with a little bite, and that takes you back home.

I always helped my mom in the kitchen growing up, my grandmother also make this chicken curry. My mom is known for her curry pots, tonight I got it right and it just made me miss my mom even more.

Here is the easy recipe. I would just add more chicken pieces for more chicken meat in the curry, like my mom used to do.

Start by frying an onion in olive oil, with some salt and pepper and herbs. Fry till golden, then add 4 chicken drumsticks. Fry the drumsticks till sealed on all sides. Pour some soya sauce over and spice with more salt.

Add a few Tablespoons of curry powder and fry for few minutes. Add a 1/4 can of tomatoes to the chicken and onion.

Place in the pressure cooker, and add in one chopped carrot and 4 chopped potatoes. Add a little bit of water, close the pressure cooker, let it cook for 30 minutes.

Remove pressure after 30 minutes and serve with some rice. We ate it with some jasmine rice made in the rice cooker, where our rice comes out perfect each time. When adding rice in the rice cooker don’t add salt only afterwards, after the rice have been cooked.

Serve and enjoy!

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