Soul Sisters

In life we need a few good girlfriends we can open our hearts to, that understand us, that support us and that are judgement free, who accepts us for being ourselves.

You see in life destiny and time do play a role. All the decisions you make, have a chain reaction to everything that will happen in the future, in your destiny.

Our paths cross with different people in our lifetime, 100’s of not 1000’s and only a handful become our soul sisters or brothers.

As we grow older, leave school and go on our own paths, we want real, genuine and authentic friendships. If all you can give a person is your friendship, that should already say alot about you as a person.

Material things and money are not what binds a friendship or any courtship, and it shouldn’t be. You see once you realise that material things and money aren’t important, a whole spectrum a whole outlook on life opens up.

Looks are the least important, what you wear or how you dress should be the last thing on your mind. I define a soul sister by someone who knows my heart, have my best interest at heart and that I can count on day and night.

That when I pick up my phone I can just message them and know that they are there for me. Since becoming a mom and being part of the mom group, I found even more empowerment amongst all my girlfriends, some well most have children, others don’t but we are still on the same page.

Once you get children, your whole perspective changes, being a mom of one daughter and almost two, in this uncertainty of the world we live in today, it scares me so much but with my husband and God we will raise some fierce, strong women.

When searching for someone who will be there for you in every stages in your life including your life partner, just tell God whats on your heart, trust Him and leave it in His hands.

Don’t be afraid to lay it all out there, the more you share your story, what you have been through, the more you empower those around you.

The bad and ugly might be lurking but nothing beats a light that shines so bright that it can’t be dimmed.

Soul sisters are the people who souls ours connects with and we can tell anything too, they keep us grounded and positive. Grateful for the handful of soul sisters I have today, and along my journey I am still meeting people and that are becoming part of my story. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, yes we all have been hurt but it must not stop us from reaching out to others, you’d be amazed at what is in store for you.

You got dreams for a purpose, you got a purpose in this world. By being your unique, authentic self you will realise the impact you will make.

This post goes out to all my soul sisters. Thank you for being you, for being stunning, strong women, independent and fierce. May we impact the world one day at a time, and remember we are here for a purpose bigger than we can understand.

Thank you, I appreciate you.


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