Instant Cheesecake

This cheesecake get it’s name by the instant pudding or mixes that was used to create it. So the possibilities is endless and so are the flavours. You can’t go wrong with this one!

It’s delicious, easy and anyone can make it! If you are running out of ideas for a pudding barbecue with some friends, or don’t know what to make when hosting a party, this will be perfect.

I had this idea since last year, and only now got to put my new invention to the test. It was successful cause now I can finally share it, happy me :-D.

First start of with removing the whites from the oreos from about 2 packets.

Place the outsides of the oreos, in a siplock bag and crush with a cookie roller, till crushed.

Spray and cook a rectangular glass tart dish, sprinkle the oreo crushed cookies on the bottom of the dish and set aside.

Now using an electrical standing mixer add in the 250g of cream cheese, add the 70g of butterscotch mousse mix and cream again, add in 375ml of fresh cream and cream together till well incorporated. Add in the 5ml of vanilla essence and mix well. Place on the oreo cookie base and place in the fridge.

Now do the same with the chocolate mousse mix and spread on top of the butterscotch mousse mix. Place in the fridge to set for few hours.

Serve and enjoy!

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