God’s Grace is Bigger than our Fears

God’s timing is always perfect, we may not always see it that way or feel that way, but as time passes, so do we began to see His plan for our lives.

I attended Metamorpho for a year, where they equip us with life lessons and give us the tools to navigate through the university of life. How we must pray and have a personal relationship with God. How our own path with God is our own personal journey.

Me and my husband got some fierce friends, who have prayed together, been through alot and still stand as one, because they did not let their fears impacted the grace of God.

We are only human, we all have fears and worries and doubting in ourselves. We feel our self worth depends on people, to feel worthy, let me tell you today it doesn’t!

Your worthiness lies in seeing yourself as God sees you, to find worth and your story and vulnerability the way He sees it. No matter what comes our way, I believe and know God have us in His hands, there are a reason why He sended us here. We have a bigger purpose than we can understand.

Surrender all your worries, fears and doubts, and leave it in His hands. The journey He will take you on, will be beyond your wildest dreams, all your expectations will go out the door, He will exceed all of them.

God’s Grace is bigger than any fear or negative thought you may experience. Don’t be scared to share your story, to be vulnerable and to put it all out there. In my own life God works through the power of prayer.

Just give everything to Him and you will see how His Grace overshadows everything. Leave everything in His hands and see how His hand is in everything you do and the lives you touched through Him.

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