It’s Okay to not be Okay

This is a subject few of us ever talk about, actually never really open up about to anyone, cause we are scared that we are gone be judged, and just for the unknown.

God says the truth will set you free, and we are all imperfect humans, with all our flaws and baggage, God still love us all and accept us the same.

To have an off day is okay, to feel depressed and have anxiety is okay, to live through trauma is also okay and how we get through it.

It’s not okay to not talk about it, if you feel you need to let someone close to you know, that your not okay, please tell someone about it and reach out before it’s too late.

To many times people have lost loved ones because they didn’t speak out, the whole world is taking a second look and mental illness is being considered as important as our health on every level.

The world is not perfect, not even 1st world countries have everything figured out, we are all broken, all got baggage and all need to speak out and support each other and stand together, rather than working against each other.

The world have enough negativity as is. If you want to make a difference, be a beacon of hope. Be someone that people can trust and talk to when they need it the most. Pray for one another and encourage and support.

If our hearts can be like animals, our world will be a much better place, unfortunately humans have flaws and weaknesses. The devil won’t attack you constantly, if he got something to gain from it.

Don’t let your mind be controlled or emotions, you have got this and you have got this under control.

Remember to speak out, to talk to someone you trust, and seek support. I can’t say this enough. The world needs you to be strong, to held your head up high and to be okay.

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