2 Years in New Zealand

Today, 2 years ago we landed in Auckland, New Zealand. We left everything we know and grew up with and trade it in for the unknown. The funny thing is, as soon as we landed in Auckland we felt right at home, all we wanted to do was to bring everyone over and let them experience it for themselves too.

We first had to get everything sorted, including getting a rental before my husband would start his job. It was stressful times, I sometimes just cried cause emotionally it takes alot out of you.

We really had some fun times too, we learned to live with a tv, a couch and a table and a matress. We didn’t have wifi yet, and only old movies to watch. Where we slept the nights away, and was so bored. Most nights we would just sit on our deck in our apartment and have a barbecue. We didn’t have a washing machine or tumble dryer in the first few months, so the laundromat was our go to every week. We learned to survive on only the essentials for groceries for the first while. It has made us humble and grateful and stories we can tell our children one day.

We slowly started building everything up from scratch. The first while I also did not bake, we had our first daughter as well, we just had enough at that time, the important thing is we had each other. I now have so much more love and admiration for my husband. He has made so many sacrifices for us.

Immigration has made us stronger together and brought us closer together. We always work as a team and work towards the same goal. We strive for the same things in life and have the same future goals. Grateful for every opportunity, for every day with my husband. The day you travel to a new country, you get a whole new perspective on life and everything in between. We did not lose anything, we actually gained alot, by starting fresh and building everything up from scratch. Our lives in New Zealand are simple, and where you can just be yourself.

Everyone comes here to have a simple living, and a good life. To enjoy the simple things in life. We realise that everyone around us are unique in their own way but also want the same things in life.

Immigration not only test your strength but on each level with your partner or husband. Soon weeks turned into months, we had our first winter and we were so cold, from all the rain and wind. We got used to working with dollars and budget like we always do for everything.

Our first daughter was born here and now recently our second daughter too. The medical is amazing, from the pre birth to postnatal care and the whole team who did my last c section.

If you don’t know if you will endure this journey, then you must stick together always, work as a team and don’t let any negativity influence you.

Now 2 years later, I am currently busy with my registration to work as a teacher. My husband is working for a very good company who makes biscuits. We live in Pukekohe and are very happy.

We love New Zealand for the family orientated life it brings, the clean parks, the activities in and around Auckland. We are home. This beautiful place we now can call home.

We have made friends that are family and our circle is growing slowly. We love that everything works and that our children have a bright future with so many opportunities.

Immigration is not for everyone and you must be a strong individual. Me and my husband went through some hard times, where we survived on $50 a week between us. All the hard times have made us humble, we are now in a better place, we have two beautiful daughters who will grow up being kiwi’s and we just love everyone’s friendliness and helpfulness.

We are still exploring New Zealand as we get time, with two kids under 2 we just do short distances for now. If you think of moving to New Zealand, you will love it here. The best advice is to go out and make friends, get to know the community you are in, and the people you work with.

Everyone’s story is different, in the same way it’s also our stories that bring us close together.

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