Leg of Lamb Roast

My husband makes this every year. It is simply delicious and it just melts in your mouth. It is great for Christmas dinners or any special occasion.

Start by scoring a 2kg leg of lamb roast. Spread some olive oil on both sides with some coarse salt and pepper.

For the stuffing, cut the edges of the 6 slices of bread. Using a food processor refine and then add some salt and pepper, few teaspoons of oil and butter with some garlic and rosemary.

Mix the stuffing well, then rub all over the leg of lamb in between the scoring cuts. And also rub all over on both sides. And place in the roasting pan together with the veggies.

For the veggies, cut up about 4 potatoes, 3 carrots and any other root vegetables, 1 onion. Place stuffing on top as well. Pour some olive oil over and some coarse salt and pepper.

In the preheated oven of 180 degrees celsius, place the leg of lamb with lid over and roast for 6 hours. Just before finishing, you can add in some mushrooms and other soft veggies of your choice.

After roasting, let it cool down a bit, slice into slices and serve up!

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