Kerikeri Road Trip Chapter 1

It was a lovely sunny Sunday morning when me and my husband decided to go to Kerikeri to visit some of our friends. We should have gotten up earlier as it’s quite a distance to Kerikeri.

The drive is about 3 hours and 30 minutes so we actually should have been on the road by 6am. We had a rough night previously with our almost 1 year old who is busy teething and sleeping is simply out the door.

By the time we were on the road it was 9am, I know a little late. Anyway we got on the road and the clouds started creeping in and showers.

We followed the gps that is built into our car and thought we were on the right road…. NOT we were on the wrong road and end up driving 5 hours just to get to Kerikeri.

The Northland is beautiful we saw lots of sheep farms, cow farms and fast land with trees that is just open and evergreen.

We finally made it to our friends in Kerikeri and was welcomed with an immediate warmth and welcome and just open arms.

Kerikeri is very small compared to Pukekohe we did see on our way there honey farms, the chocolate factory and wine lands.

Our baby girl was too happy to finally be able to crawl and play. We ate sushi homemade for entree.

For dinner we had some surf and turf. Delicious prawns and steak cut into strips and some potato.

Our friends lovely backyard that is ever green.

For dessert we had delicious lemony cheesecake that we brought with.

And some lovely coffee to go with it!

And my friends special touch to the coffee some cocoa sprinkles ans chocolate leaves.

And this is us with our friends:

“When you find people that like your weirdness, stick with them they are your tribe.”

Time Well Spend!!!

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