We are at the beginning of our 1 month lockdown in New Zealand πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

Seeing on the news that infections just keep on hapoening, the disease known as Covid19 just keep on spreading all across the world.

Economies coming to a standstill and so many people losing their jobs.

This is hitting the world hard, on all levels possible. When the world is busy losing it’s soul, where do we turn to.

We turn to God, I woke up, my husband went to work. I sat with my daughter and all of a sudden there was a rainbow. I took a few photos, and I thought I talk about it. Few seconds later it was gone.

A rainbow means that God never breaks His promises, He have us in His hand and the battle have already been won.

Fear does not come from God. Leave all your worries, fears, the uncertainty and the future in His hand.

Be a beacon of hope, and know that God never let us down, even when the world loses its soul.

Look for the positive in each day, spend time with your family and loved ones.

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