Our once busy town is now silent

Our once busy town
Is now a ghost town

Where children once used to laugh and play
Sounds can’t be heard from a mile away

Coffee shops used to be packed full
Now they are all empty

Shopping stores were busy all day
Now all we see is closed shops

Covid19 has turned our lovely country town
Upside down

Humans are made to interact and socialise
Now the norm is social distancing
And social isolation

On our daily walks there used to be lots of moms and dads with their bubs
Now there are only one or two

Where joggers used to run lots
We only notice one now

How we used to take everything for granted like being close
We must now be grateful to still be able to walk or jog

I miss our once busy, rumbling town
Where noises and laughter filled the streets
Now it’s all silent

Lockdown Day 2

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