The world is changing at an uncontrollable pace, a threat unlike any other, with survival the race

It came out of nowhere, the affects unforeseen, countries now in turmoil, needing a vaccine

Lives are being lost and many torn apart, socialising not allowed, isolation a new art

Industries struggling, like the recessions before, livelihoods being lost, it’s time we did more

So this is to everyone, with the world under threat, lets re-evaluate our ways, repay moral debt

Change has come quickly, with more by the day, yes, change was necessary, but not in this way

We all need each other, to give not to take, show compassion and care, big changes to make

Our resilience is tested, our strength and morals too, it’s no longer about me, rather us, them and you

To the next person we see, know or hold dear, just simply smile, offer your help, a hand or your ear

Give them your time, your attention, your care, your support where you can, by just being there

Make someone laugh, offer help and give hope, even a passing smile might just help them cope

Care for the elderly, the weak and the poor, help them get through this, keep harm from their door

This situation is new, unknown to us all, and whilst some keep standing others may fall

We need to be there, when and if they do, the same as you’d want someone to be there for you

Every single nation, in anguish and fear – with not one the answer, not close, nor near

So here is an answer, the one for right now, open your hearts and minds, as wide as you know how

7 billion people affected from one, when we love as strong as the virus, our work will be done.

Author: T. H 2020

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