Reached 3000 Visitors on My Blog

1 Year & 4 Months Ago, I started my blog, in Feb 2019 I went over to running my webpage full time.

The journey to here, have been hard work, lots of hours behind the screen, editing, uploading and getting recipes ready as well as lots of research going into every recipe.

To run a blog full time, while taking care of 2 kiddies under 2, running errands for our home, and cooking dinner somedays, are hard work. Lots to juggle, to get a balance and everything in between.

Thank you for every visitor on my webpage. In March 2020, my webpage got over 800 views, that’s the highest since I started.

Support your blogging community.
I hope I will continue to create and post good content for you. To explore recipes that have not been created yet, and make you more enthusiastic about cooking and baking.

Without Him, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I am the instrument, He is using me, and my food and baking, to touch others and to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Be blessed, and stay safe, stay home, safe lives.

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