Cornflour Play Dough

Entertaining and keeping the kids busy is a challenge on its own. My dad showed me how cool cornflour and water together can be, working in the ECE centres across the North Shore, I also learned alot. One of my fellow colleagues, also showed me to add colouring, makes the kids so intrigued by it, I must say they love playing with the cornflour play dough.

In a bowl, add in a little bit of water, add in few tablespoons of cornflour, till water is covered with it. Add in a few drops of food colouring, any colour you prefer, I used pink.

See how the cornflour when you touch it, it doesn’t do anything, but when you press your whole fingers and hands in them and squeeze it, it makes like water consistency and then goes back hard again, and dries on your hands.

Your kids will have endless fun with this! It will keep them busy for a while, so that you can hava a cup of coffee too!

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