Imperfectly Macarons

This is not a post about having the perfect bake, this is the opposite. In each kitchen we have moms striving to be more for their kids, to better themselves, to be the best version of themselves for their kids. To put their husband 1st as well, or partner, to squeeze in 5 minutes of alone time so they can still remain sane.

In motherhood, being a mom we often lose ourselves, struggling with finding ourselves again, getting a balance between what we was before kids, going through childbirth, being pregnant and still wanting to achieve everything we strived for before we had kids.

We are under so much pressure, somehow we always manage to come out stronger and better than before, they say the first 5 years of marriage is the hardest, now I understand why, it’s so challenging juggling kids a household while baking, improving myself and spending time with my husband. While taking a break in between and being myself, and being the best wife, mom, sister, and friend to whomever needs my time.

We are all imperfect, but all our imperfect qualities makes us who we are, in times like these I appreciate everyone around me even more.

We are imperfectly perfect just like my macarons I just baked. 😊

Don’t forget to say thank you for your partner or husband that is hands on that helps you and also needs you to be the best version of yourself.

Look after yourself there are only

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