I ordered some containers online on the 8th of April, by the 15th I still haven’t received them, I went online on FB Messenger and contacted them straight away just enquiring, it was few minutes and they responded, the manager with the shop branch here in Puke, personally called me to say he will follow up, turns out they delivered my parcel to the wrong house, by then it was the week of the 20th already, I am busy organising my pantry, next moment I hear a knock on our door, the manager from the shop personally came and give my parcel for me, I was amazed, the service is out of this world! So amazed still, of all the friendly, kind people here and we love NZ for that, very community orientated country. Proud to call NZ πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ Home 🏑

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