Condensed Milk Milk Tart

I thought I was finished with making milk tart in all the different flavours and pairings, guess not!

My adventure continues, I am gone try and make as many flavours and pairings as I can think of! Hope you enjoy this adventure with me!

This week I made condensed milk milk tart. Yummy, light and fluffy goodness! My own recipe of course!

Serves: 8-10
1 packet vanilla biscuits
700ml Full Cream Milk
250ml Castor Sugar
1 Tin Condensed Milk
2 cups water
2 tbsp butter, melted
4 eggs
8 Tbs corn flour
20ml Vanilla Essence
Pinch of salt
Cinnamon powder


Grease a microwave-safe baking dish.

Crush the biscuits in a resealable plastic bag, using a rolling pin.

Place in a rectangular glass dish.

While using a hand mixer and a microwave safe mixing bowl, mix 4 eggs, while mixing add in 700ml of full cream milk.

While mixing add in 250ml of caster sugar, 2 Tbs of melted butter, 2 cups of water, 8 Tbs of corn flour and a pinch of salt and 1 tin of condensed milk.

Microwave for 7 minutes, remove from the microwave and whisk in a few teaspoons of boiling water, this prevents any lumps and grainyness from forming, you can do this after each microwave interval.

Microwave again for 5 minutes. Whisk again and add a few teaspoons of boiling water.

Microwave again for 5 minutes. Whisk again and add a few teaspoons of boiling water.

Remove the bowl from the microwave and add in 20ml vanilla essence.

Place milk tart mixture on the cookie base.

Once cool, top with a generous dusting of cinnamon powder.

Refrigerate to set further in the fridge for +/- 2 hours or overnight. (Depending on your preference.)

Slice, serve and ENJOY!!

Tip: Your milktart can be serve in any way you prefer, the rectangular glass dish is just a preference.

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