Kerikeri Road Trip Chapter 2

We visited our friends right before we went into level 4 lockdown, so this was back in March.

We have a toddler and a newborn, so the earlier to get on the road the better. The road to there is pretty straightforward, it’s one direction all the way. On the road we experienced heavy rains and road works as well.

It’s a 3 hours and 30 minutes drive from Auckland to Kerikeri. We got up at 3am so that we can arrive there early. It was cold, dark and cloudy.

We stood still at some point. We made it to Kerikeri at around 10am, and suprised our friend. He was so suprised to see us! He did not expect that.

We spent the day chatting away, the kids played and watched some television.

Our toddler skipped her nap. She always naps, but somedays when she is in a new environment and playing she doesn’t do her naps, and that’s oky.

We also visited The Stone Store, and surrounding buildings it was so lovely to see it.

The next day, we got up early in the morning to drive back home. On our way home we stopped at a gas station to fill up, check on the kids, changed some nappies and to give our newborn some milk.

While we were busy with our newborn, our toddler became sooo silent, we knew she was upto something…

We turned around and she was covered in baby formula, she managed to open the formula and somehow eat some of it as well as played with it.

The baby formula was covered from her head to her toes and everywhere even the car seat was full of formula.

We got home unpacked, cleaned her up and we all had an afternoon nap.

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